Experience Paradise

Magical celebrity house on 8 acres of land Malibu's most
spectacular 180° ocean views

What Guests Say


A wonderful house: charming, peaceful and serene. Nicely furnished, and spotless. The kitchen is nicely laid out for cooking, and a pleasure to cook while seeing the ocean. It is a great house to chill out, relax and spend memorable times with family and friends. We particularly loved watching the course of the sun, from rising at Point Dume, to setting behind the Channel Islands, all from the same spot on the terrace. The kids loved watching for dolphins, while we had breakfast every morning on the terrace. This place really is Old Malibu Magic. We hope to return again and again.
Pedro, Boston, MA

This property was a great choice for me to finish writing a movie script. It is a great house, clean, well maintained, well furnished, stylish decor and furniture. The amenities are just as described, and that does not always happen. The tableware is nice and the beds are comfortable. We enjoyed the evenings by the fireplace and had all our lunches and dinner on the terrace in front of the ocean. The ocean views are out of this world. The house is the right distance from the water, sitting on a bluff 300ft high above the ocean. We will always remember sitting in the bubbling spa, watching the sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. Staying in that house helped us get inspired, rested and rejuvenated and were able to finish our script in record time. We recommend this house highly and hope to be back soon.
Marley, Paris, France

28 years ago my husband and I took our first trip to Provence and were enchanted, and this house bring back all those memories. The first view of this house, when entering the gates was of the bougainvillea cascading over the side, and the ocean in the background. Love at first sight. It is impossible not to love the smashing panorama of the ocean, but I particularly loved the quiet of the garden where I could sit and read in the shade surrounded by climbing roses and jasmine. And my husband had plenty of desk space in the guesthouse. During our stay, his computer crashed just when he had a deadline for a proposal and the owner, within no time at all lent him one to use. I am the romantic, but my husband is the pragmatic one and he was so pleased that our deposit was returned promptly. All this exceeded our expectations.
Rebecca, Santiago, Chile

We have been renting houses in Malibu for over 10 years and this is the best experience we have had. We have rented houses right on the beach, but they were noisy, lacked privacy, and safety was a concern. The photos of the house do not do justice to that magnificent view. Coffee with the sunrise; a glass of wine with the sunset… overlooking the ocean all from the same spot on the terrace. My husband and I rented the house to renew our wedding vows with our grown children in attendance. They loved the gym, the hot tub over looking the sea. We will definitely return and recommend this to our friend. The best value we have found in Malibu.
Nancy, New York, NY

I wanted to personally thank you for sharing your amazing home with us. What a wonderful thing to share such a very beautiful place.
The views are spectacular and we created wonderful photographs to capture and remember our time together as a family. I have an intense appreciation for design, and was impressed with the simple decor that only helps to enhance the backdrop. We came home refreshed from a place that we will forever remember. Thank you again
Tracy, Cleveland, OH

This was our first time in California and we picked the perfect spot to spend it! Everything was wonderful. The cozy house, the dolphins that we saw while eating breakfast on the terrace, listening to the waves crashing…. One week like this goes way too fast…..Thank you so much. Everything was just amazing.
Dan, Marcia, Kayla, Nathaniel, Ethan and Mariana, Saratoga Springs, NY

What a lovely time we have had. Your home was perfect for our celebration of our daughter’s graduation. We will miss the beautiful views and peaceful setting. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us. We hope to visit again.
Joan and Mike, New Orleans, LA

Our wedding here was amazing. Our guests could not believe the view. We cannot imagine a more perfect spot to tie the not.
Jennika and Harry, Redondo Beach, CA

We spent 10 wonderful days in your house. Everything is just like the description you had given us. Watching the dolphins and hearing the sounds of the waves. You are right, this is a little piece of paradise. Thank you for this great location. We will come back.
Georg and Marina, Frankfurt, Germany

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful house. We woke up to watch the dolphins this morning, in celebration of my 40th birthday. A very relaxing stay, and great hikes in the afternoon. We’ve been singing all week songs by Captain and Tenille, who used to live in your house! Peace and love.
Tammy and Ed, Burbank, CA

Wow! We came here from the East coast for a wedding and it could not be more perfect. Thank you. We can’t wait to be back again!
Danna, Westport, CT

I cannot begin to express how lovely I found your home; I was reluctant to leave at all during the week as it was so beautiful…… Your home is magically beautiful; I should love to see it when the coral tree is in bloom. Thanks for sharing this lovely, spectacular, yet cozy home… Also, I must say…although was alone most of the week, I had to stay in guest suite with the library…I read many and enjoyed the opportunity to peruse your library. I was in for our 30 year reunion for Calabasas Class 81…it was truly a fab week.
Paige R., Austin TX

Amazing is the only word that comes to mind. Such a magical and inspiring place. My dream house withou t a doubt. I have a piece I wrote about this house that I’ll send your way:) I can’t thank you enough for this. So wonderful and a memory we will share forever. I have a new place to work towards living one day. You can bet we’ll be back sometime:-)
Sean H. Los Angeles

We found everything like you write it in the VRBO website. It is a wonderful place. We appreciate that when the water heater broke on a Sunday afternoon, you had a new one installed three hours later. I got a lot of inspiration being in this house, sitting by the fireplace. This house has good vibes. I came here to finish writing a script and it turned out much better than I anticipated. Thank you!
Denise S., Canada

My wife and I want to say thank you to make your house available. It is a great location. You are right, it is really a piece of paradise. We spent some wonderful days here and everything was like your description on your web site. We are taking a lot of good memorie s back home with us. Thank you so much again.
Guido V., Germany

We had a wonderful vacation in your home! We are from upstate New York and being able to wake up to the Pacific each day was amazing! Thank you so much
Chris Eileen, Connor and Ryan W., Albany, NY

Thank you for the opportunity to spend an unbelievable week at your place. We celebrated our daughter’s 8th grade graduation and our 20th wedding anniversary in this perfect place. Sitting on the patio staring at the vast ocean by day, and the stars by night was nearly surreal. We go back to Davidson NC much better for the experience. Two weeks, next summer, for sure. All out best.
Mark and Donna, Montauk, NY

Our family enjoyed our relaxing stay in your warm, comfortable home. The spectacular views, the hot tub, the patio, were especially enjoyed. We had a wonderful stay and would love to return!
The W___ clan, Pittsburgh, PA

The views are spectacular. We feel fortunate to have celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary in this rejuvenating location.
Joe and Carla, Kansas City, KS

Thanks for a lovely stay! The views is inspiring and the garden is beautiful. We greatly enjoyed the daily visits from the hummingbirds!
Jack, Michelle and Joe, New Orleans, LA

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! The views are magnificent! We enjoyed watching the dolphins each day! We cannot wait to come back again. It was a glorious and peaceful Easter!
The K____family, San Diego, CA

This is Malibu at its best. We called it our little hacienda for our 30week stay. The best Malibu view imaginable. Delightful accommodation. Best beaches, best food, and a terrific responsive host, you, JM. Our favorite restaurants, Sunset and Kristy’s have the best food and friendliest staff and they are just up the road. Great food shopping at Pavilions, and great wine prices, too. We will be back. Thanks again.
Elizabeth S., Seattle, WA

I am in love with this home, this location, the views, the privacy, the peace.. Come here really ready for some R &R, found in abundance. Celebrated 30th high School reunion (Calabasas 81) and reconnected with my data stomping grounds and fellow stompers. I hope to return. Merci beaucoup, I love this house.
Chris B., Austin, TX

Just getting ready to leave after our amazing 2 weeks here. It is a perfect Malibu day!. The house was wonderful, beautiful and comfortable. And the views and sunsets will be forever remembered. We shared our time with our daughter, son in law and granddaughter. Great trips to the beach, early Christmas celebration, great meals and conversations at that wonderful table with views of the ocean. Great memories were made! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home
Frank and Chrissie W., Woodstock, NY

We had the best time. The kids had a blast in the spa and in the gym. My husband and I enjoyed spending time on the terrace, getting a tan and reading books, barbequing, looking at the ocean. And thank you for lending us computer when our laptop got lost, it really helped us.
Valeria T., Argentina

We just had our wedding here. It was a dream, blessed by this beautiful place.
Samarah & Edward Z., Toronto, Canada

Thank you; thank you so much for a wonderful time. Everything was perfect. What a great place to relax. We will return!
Uli and Dan K., Sioux Falls, SD

What a beautiful place to stay and provide the staging for our daughter’s wedding; we are enjoying the stunning views of the beaches. This will only add a special richness to an already wonderful day
Morgan & Rob E., Boston MA

We enjoyed this wonderful house more than we planned or anticipated!
Sandra T., San Francisco, CA

We love this place. We had a very special wedding here. Thank you for sharing this pace with us.
Garry and Liz O., Seattle, WA

We love the house, the seashore, the hills, the canyons, the sky, and the peace
Mick and Jack R., San Diego, CA

We had a wonderful experience, a relaxing week overlooking the best of Malibu beaches and the California coast. Thank you for sharing your bit of paradise. We hope to be back soon.
Michael S., Columbus, OH

This was the most amazing and perfect place for our wedding. The weather was perfect. The view was spectacular! Everyone loved it! We will never forget our stay here. Thank you for everything.
Jack and Beth N., Denver, CO

We loved every minute of our time here and cannot wait to return
Jennifer and Andrew A., Sydney, Australia

What an amazing weekend. What happens in Malibu stays in Malibu. We love this place
Cheryl D., Provincetown, RI

What a beautiful, comfortable home. The views are so spectacular! We had such a wonderful time…
Paula L., Albany, NY

It’s our second time staying here. We will be back. Fantastic view, fantastic experience.
Vincent H., Edinburgh, Scotland

We so enjoyed this beautiful place! So close to all. It was heaven waking up to this beautiful view! I can’t wait to come back soon!
Andrea G., Berlin, Germany

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! A most wondrous place! A most beauty-filled recharge for all of us. It is a most wondrous place! With peace and love
Ryan and Becca V., Santa Fe, NM

What an amazing place. This has been the most restful holiday we ever had. We hope to be back
Deborah B., Kansas City, KS

The house was exactly what we expected. Magnificent!
Bobbie and Rose Q., Los Angeles, CA

The house is fabulous. The grill and the spa are great amenities. The garden and the hummingbirds are heavenly. Until next time
Abigail U., Sacramento, CA

Perfect setting to celebrate our son’s graduation from Pepperdine. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for sharing your amazing home with us. We will be back!!
Dowe and Pat. W., Athens, NY

Thank you so much, everything was perfect. What more can we say.
Selene D., Sedona, AZ

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. We enjoyed cooking watching the ocean. We loved exploring the garden, and checking out the birds. It was a most wonderful vacation.
Pete and Amanda E., Bath, UK

We had a lovely stay here, the house is cozy and comfortable, and the view is out of this world! We really enjoyed relaxing on the terrace and having breakfast overlooking the ocean.
Helen and Claire G., Montreal, Canada

We had such a wonderful time here. It cannot be beat for dramatic vistas. We enjoyed the lovebirds and the hummingbirds! Thank you so much.
Elena E., Boulder, CO

We’ve been here three times this year already! This says it all. God, please convince the owner to sell us this place!!
Bob F., Chicago, IL

I had here my best birthday ever.
Serena W., Vancouver, Canada

Your house is perfectly located. The sunsets are magnificent, the ocean views are majestic. We had a great time. This is life at it best. We hope to be back soon.
Platon and Cynthia M. , Naples, FL.

Spectacular view, spectacular house, spectacular time. We loved every minute. Thank you from all of us.
Debbie, Brett, Chris, Kendall, Bret Jr. and Jackie, Wichita, KS

A perfect view and a responsive owner helped us make these two weeks a wonderful time. We appreciated the antiques. And all the appliances worked great.
Joan and Ross, Englewood, NJ

Unreal place, the view convinced me that California is where I am meant to be.
Tommy, New York NY

Thank you for providing such a beautiful oasis for me to celebrate my 39th birthday!
Great place, a real piece of paradise! We had a wonderful time. Our boys learned to surf!
Jakub, Warsaw, Poland

After three weeks here, we are feeling at home…We have no choice but to come back next year.
Thierry, Nantes, France

Thank you for providing such beautiful oasis for me to celebrate my 39th birthday. I do not want to leave this little piece of heaven. Much gratitude.
Elizabeth, Hollywood, CA

We really love this place and cant think of a better view. The house has a lot of personality and a good vibe.
Reagan, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

We love your house. Breathtaking views, peaceful…the most perfect place to celebrate our friendship.
Brent and Joan, Hudson, NY

We had a great time in this wonderful house and you are a wonderful host.
Bob, Kathy and Tim, Lucerne, Switzerland

We really loved this place. The house has a lot of personality and a very good vibe, we can’t think of a better view.
Reagan, Holden and Toby, Washington, DC

We enjoyed so much the relaxation here. Everything was just ready to move in and enjoy. Beautiful views, sunrise to sunset. What a house you have!
Doug and Michelle, St Petersburg, FL

Your house is such a stress reliever!
Cassandra, Lancaster, PA

We had such a good time here. Everything was here to move in and live. Beautiful views sunrise to sunset. We would recommend your house to anyone.
Bob, Austin, TX

What an idyllic spot for a Christmas holiday. The kitchen was great to cook in.
Perri , Kansas City, KS

Thank you for a beautiful special place in which to create indelible memories.
Gina, Detroit, MI

The house is fantastic. Appliances work great. You were great to deal with.
Marsha, Seattle, WA

It was so much fun, it was so great. I hope my family and I can come again.
Molly, Nashua, NH

Wonderful views. Great way to spend my 50th birthday. Thank you
Susan, Beverly Hills, CA

What a special place, thank you for sharing this place with us. Lovely, cozy house.
Caroline, Houston, TX

Collected December 16, 2013

We are departing your spectacular home truly enriched and refreshed by the experience. Adjectives to describe the tranquility and beauty would be endless.
We are leaving the house but the memories will last for eternity, and truly look forward to returning another time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful place.
Bruce H., Phildalphia, PA

We had a wonderful time! The view is amazing and very inspiring. We designed here our Spring apparel line for CowGirl Tuff Co. We will come back! Thank you!
Heidi J., Houston TX.

We enjoyed our stay at your lovely home! IT was everything your web site promised and more!. Very relaxing, and just the right fix before the crazy holiday season arrives. Waking up every day with a view of the ocean. Who can go wrong.. it makes you feel like a great day awaits! Cheers
Natasha F. Montville, NJ

What a wonderful time we had here. We came here for a relative’s wedding at an other place. The 5 of us slept her and had brunch outside ach morning. We boogie boarded on the beach and visited the tide pools. Wonderful to see the family from all over at the wedding.. we wish we had the time to stay longer. We hope to return someday.
Larry F. Twin Cities, MN

A fantastic week of vacation and break from out life. Our fist adventure with our first daughter Milana (6 months) and much needed family time. Dinners on the patio, mornings enjoying the sunrise and watching Milana enjoy the Pacific Ocean are amongst the memories that we will carry back East with us. Thanks for an incredible first family vacation.
Veena,. Manish and Milana R. Washington, DC

A fabulous girls week end. We had not seen each other in 20 years… Perfect place to get together.. We took great walks on the beach, sat in the hot tub and drank wine. Thanks for the fabulous memories!
Jennifer B. St. Paul, MN

I spent here a gorgeous, sunny week with the Benjamin, the love of my life. This house is special to us, and we can’t wait to come back.
Kelly J.

A beautiful view, perfect weather, the best friends in the world, and a 25th wedding anniversary in this amazing house… this makes for an awesome vacation!
Sandy C. Ontario, Canada

This is the second time we stay in this wonderful house, and we loved every minute of it. The most incredible ocean views that soothe the soul. Thank you, JM
Clyde K. London, UK

This house looks so much better in person than on the website! Definitely an amazing place… We enjoyed Duke’s and Kristie’s restaurants, and the “Matador beach. This house is awesome!
Rachel M. Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for a wonderful time in your beautiful home. We celebrated my husband’s birthday, and it was filled with laughter, sunshine and lots of precious memories. Kim, Cami, Ella and Farid. San Francisco, CA

We spent a wonderful, sunny and relaxing week with longtime friends from college at this beautiful place. Your beautiful house provided much needed respite from a busy world, and the views helped to support for all of us, to maintain a sense of beauty, wonder and awe. Thank you!
Cheryl and Scott S. Clarkston, MI

We are so grateful that we experienced here something that most people only dream of. What a place… The views are gorgeous, and so relaxing… We got to see whales swimming out last night here. It was so awesome….
Kendall, Peyton and Logan K. Sioux Falls, SD

This house is a perfect antidote to a stressful life, and a wonderful place to entertain and “wow” your friends! We take so many wonderful memories with us and will be back!
Thank you
Celeste, San Diego, CA

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